Laffer Associates Economic Cost/Benefit of UDT Research Paper



An Economic Analysis of the Costs and Benefits Associated with Regular Urine Drug Testing for Chronic Pain Patients in the United States

Laffer Associates: Arthur Laffer, PhD; Robert Murphy, PhD; Wayne Winegarden, PhD

Millennium Research Institute: Amadeo Pesce, PhD, DABCC; Charles Mikel, PhD; Cameron West, PhD; Kathy Egan-City, MA, BSN; Jennifer Strickland, PharmD, BCPS; Joan M. Christie, MD

Millennium Research Institute commissioned this study to answer the question, “Is UDT cost effective for patients, health plans, health systems, and society?”

4 Page Executive Brief | 37 Page Full Study

The two major outcomes of this study were:

  1. The research demonstrates economic benefits of clinically recommended 2 to 6 Urine Drug Tests (UDT) per year range from $7.4 billion to $25.7 billion; benefits exceed costs by factor of three.
  2. Increased utilization of UDT improved the probability of patient adherence, defined as a patient testing positive for all of their prescribed medications and testing negative for all non-prescribed medications and illicit drugs.

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