Millennium Research Institute works to achieve a paradigm shift in the field of drug analysis from a forensics model, which is based primarily on identifying illicit drug use for legal purposes, to a more clinically-oriented model that encompasses patient medication compliance and drug metabolism.

The Millennium Research Institute is comprised of esteemed PhD and Masters level toxicologists, scientists and chemists as well a psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, research scientists who are uniquely qualified to effect change to benefit both science and humanity.

MRI is committed to translating original research findings into physician-practice applications through research publication and dissemination, education and training.

Some objectives of the Institute are to:

  • Develop improved analytical techniques that quantitatively measure pain drugs and their metabolites over a wide range of concentrations that are practical for serving the pain management physician.
  • Analyze data accumulated at Millennium Laboratories to more accurately identify excreted drugs by minimizing the possibility of false negative and false positive results due to limited immunoassay capability.
  • Compile and review data to establish objective clinical concentration values to best determine patient medication compliance.
  • Evaluate the patterns of patient drug metabolism to identify potential harmful pharmacogenomic and drug-drug interactions that can cause patient morbidity and death.
  • Correlate aspects of known psychological behavior with patterns of drug use to better define patients who abuse drugs or are likely to abuse drugs, providing physicians information so that these patients can receive better and earlier treatment.

Millennium’s research outcomes are widely published in peer review journals contributing updated knowledge in drug metabolism and prescribing practices to enhance the practice of pain.

MRI Research Update – Fall Edition 2011

This is the second edition of the MRI update and it features the collaborative relationship between UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and the MRI. The posters presented at PAINWeek®2011 are highlighted in this edition.

MRI Research Update – Spring Edition 2011

The first edition of the MRI update features our vision, research team and our recent original and collaborative research findings.